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Originally from a small city in Eastern Europe, Nadya Rutman has had a fascination with fashion and the arts since early childhood. "I believe that there is something beautiful about every person I meet, and every face I see." says Nadya. Traditionally trained as a Designer, her work has been published in magazines and online trade journals. "I adore character!", Nadya exclaims, "bringing out a person's trait's, charm's, and whatever it is that makes them unique, that is what defines character. Its that character that I'm always looking for, thats the beauty that I see, and want to show off in a person." This is also what drove her to pursue a career as a makeup artist. Her recent passions include makeup for artistic and creative photo shoots, wedding makeup, high fashion, editorial, and fantasy makeup. Nadya specializes in Fashion makeup, Bridal makeup, and Airbrushing techniques.

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